World Doctor’s Day

World Doctor’s Day also known as the National Doctors’ Day or simply Doctor’s Day is celebrated to pay tribute to the doctors.

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The date to celebration World Doctor’s Day varies from country to country. It is mostly celebrated on 1st July every year in many countries of the world.

The day is observed by sending wish cards to doctors and sometimes to place the flowers on the graves of dead doctors. This is a day to say thanks to the persons who take care of us, concerns about our health and work long hours to provide us care and good health.

 In some countries of the world there is a public holiday on the World Doctor’s Day.


World Doctor’s day is celebrated to say Thanks to the doctors
World Doctor’s day is celebrated to say Thanks to the doctors

World Doctor’s Day was first observed on March 1933 in the US state of Georgia. As this day is celebrated to recognize the contributions of doctors in the lives of people.

It was Eudora Brown Almond, the wife of Dr. Charles B. Almond who started her efforts to observe a day for Physicians. At that time for the first time in the history of mankind World’s Doctor’s Day was observed with zeal and devotion.

 Greeting cards were send to doctors. Flowers and cards were also placed on the graves of dead doctors. At that time the red carnation flower was used as a symbol of the National Doctors’ Day.

National Doctor’s Day was proclaimed by George Bush in 21st February 1991.

Celebrating Countries

World Doctor’s Day is celebrated on different dates in different countries of the world to say Thanks to the doctors.

India   and Pakistan

In India and Pakistan World Doctor’s Day is celebrated on 1st July.


In Brazil World Doctor’s Day is celebrated on 18th October. And there is a public holiday on this day.


Canada celebrates this day on May 1st.


There is also public holiday on World Doctor’s Day in Cuba. And this day is celebrated on 3rd December.


Iran celebrates this day on 23rd August.


Malaysia celebrates Doctor’s Day on 10th October every year.


30th March is celebrated as National Doctors’ Day in the USA to pay honour to the doctors.


In Vietnam this day is celebrated on 27th February.


Nepal also celebrates Doctor’s Day to pay tribute to the doctors on 4th march.

Doctors play vital role in any society. As when we are ill we visit the doctor. He diagnoses and prescribes a treatment for us.

He or she also takes care of us. One can say that a doctor is like a mother. He helps to cure and heal us. So there must be a day to acknowledge his efforts and ability to heal us.

Doctor take cares and cures of us when we are ill
Doctor take cares and cures of us when we are ill

But I want to draw the attention of my readers to a point. This point is concerned to the doctors and the role played by them in the developing and under developing nations.

Now the point is that the doctors in some of the developing countries like Pakistan are not playing their part to save and serve their patients. They are just concerned about the money or pay they are taking.

Some of them don’t bother their patient and the need of giving immediate and every possible treatment to the patients.

Consequently the mortality rate is very high in these countries. Not only the mortality rate but also the level of health facilities are also non satisfactory.

I am also a victim of these type of attitude of the doctors. My father was died before 3 years due to the negligence of doctors in a very renowned hospital of Rawalpindi Pakistan.

So now there is a need to understand the role of doctors in society. A doctor can kill or give life to their patient after Allah Almighty.

I wish and pray that may Allah bless us with that doctors who take the responsibility of patients and who are loyal not only with their profession but also with their patients. Amin Sum Amin.

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