World No Tobacco Day

No smoking

When is World No Tobacco Day?

World No Tobacco Day is observed every year on 31st May around the world.

No smoking on World No Tobacco Day
No Smoking

Purpose of World No Tobacco Day:

The day is celebrated to create awareness about the ill effects of tobacco use and to encourage the people to quit tobacco use on this day, because tobacco is still a leading cause of death and disability in the world. Each year more than 7 million people worldwide die from diseases caused by tobacco use.

Ill Effects of Smoking:

Smoking is a most dangerous habit and disease that is very difficult to give up and cure. Tobacco smoke is very dangerous form of smoke.  The ill effects of smoking are many some of which are these:

  • Tobacco smoke keeps in the air for more than 5 hours although it is invisible at that time but putting those who exposed in lungs cancer. And It affects the lungs very dangerously by damaging their breathing function and also cause many chronic respiratory diseases.
  • Tobacco smoke is very dangerous, as it contains 7000 chemicals which are known to cause cancer.
  • It damages the nervous system dangerously. Long smoking habits upset the interconnecting nerve cells or neurons that control all life, growth and physical and mental activity.
  • It causes bad cold and coughing. Smokers experience serious chest and nasal problems after a certain period of time.
  • It causes burning in the eyes, headaches and sleeplessness (insomnia).
  • It causes stomach troubles, especially indigestion.
  • Most dangerously it causes heart and liver diseases.
  • Heart diseases especially, cardiovascular disease deaths are very common.

It is important to note that smoking not only affects the smoker but also affects the health of others who are breathing in the presence of the smoker, such persons are known as the secondhand smokers.

 How the World No Tobacco Day is observed:

On that day awareness about the harms of tobacco use is created by conducting seminars, conducting debates, using social, print and electronic media.

Smokers are encouraged to quit the use of tobacco. NGOs also play their role for creating awareness about the ills of tobacco use.

This day is observed very efficiently in the Western and American countries but as for as Pakistan is concerned there should be more efforts to celebrate this day by creating awareness in general public. Because Pakistan is a developing country and maximum population is using tobacco which is creating harmful and serious health issues.

Following steps can be taken to irradiate the use of smoking in Pakistan:

  • Government must ban the use of Cigarettes, cigars and pipes in the public places like parks, restaurants, hospitals and buses. Because in these places smokers not only effects their health but also cause serious health problems for others who are secondhand smokers.
  • A national debate on the ills of smoking and health care must be started by using mass media. Social media can be the best platform in this connection.
  • Parents and Teachers should create awareness in their children and students respectively about the ill of smoking and secondhand smoking as well. They should train them to stay away from smokers.
  • Although tobacco is generating annually Rs.300 billion for Pakistan, so it is impossible to close its production. But a fruitful step can be taken, government should use this tobacco in other industries instead of making cigarettes and cigars. Tobacco can be utilized in medical industry for making medicines from it and for making other product like for killing pests


As all we know very well about the ill effects of tobacco use or smoking. It is the world’s leading issue and the major cause of death as well. Because it is causing major respiratory or lung diseases, heart and nervous system diseases and many other diseases.

So we can say that tobacco is destroying us. It not only destroy the life of a smoker but also the others which are known as secondhand smoker (one who breathe in the presence of a smoker).

Now it is the time to understand the ills or harms coming from smoking and say good bye to smoking, stay healthy and love our lives. Because it is our lives and we must enjoy it and must keep always from all such things which create ills in our lives.

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