What is Jumma tul Wida?

Juma Alvida

During the Holy month of Ramadan its last jumma is known as Jumma tul Wida or Alvidai Jumma (last friday). Muslims celebrate this day as well. They offer more prayers and do good deeds.

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As they think they may be this Ramadan and Alvidai Juma will be the last one in their lives because live and death is in the hands of Allah Almighty.

so Muslims do more dua and charity on this very day.

Some of the prayers and nawafil of Jumma tul Wida are as under:

As Muslims make special arrangements for Juma Alvida.

They pray and recite the Holy Quran, but there are some special prayers or Nawafil for Juma Alvida to earn huge Sawab.

– After Zuhar prayers read two nawafil:

In the first Rakat after surah fateha recite surah zalzaal once, surah ikhlas 10 times;

In the second rakat after surah fateha read surah kafiroon 3 times and then after salaam recite Darood shareef 10 times.

Read 2 further Nawafils first rakat after surah fateha read surah takasar once then read surah ikhlas 10 times:

In the second rakat after surah fateha read Ayat ul qursi 3 times and surah ikhlas 25 times after salaam read Darood Shareef 10 times.

The benefit of the nawafils and prayers will be given by Allah not only in the life of reciter but also in the Day of Judgement.

May Allah Almighty forgive us in this Ramadan and accept our prayers and the fasts. May all of us led our lives according to the will of Allah.

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