International Literacy Day Activities

International Literacy Day Activities

There are a number of International Literacy Day Activities, which are done on this day. International Literacy Day(ILD) is celebrated every year on September 8, shines a spotlight on global literacy needs, which goes hand in hand with International Literacy Day’s mission: literacy for everyone, everywhere.

 Level of Literacy all over the World

International Literacy Day is designed to focus attention on literacy issues. The International Literacy Association estimates that 780 million adults, nearly two-thirds of whom are women, do not know how to read and write. They also estimate that 94—115 million children worldwide do not have access to education. International Literacy Day is just one way groups can strive to increase literacy around the world.

On International Literacy Day (and every day), advocate for a literate world, support literacy educators and leaders, and celebrate the power of literacy.

International Literacy Day Activities over the Years

International Literacy Day Activities have included specific themes, in line with Education For All goals and other United Nations programs such as the United Nations Literacy Decade. The celebration’s theme for 2007 and 2008 was “Literacy and Health”, with prizes awarded to organizations at the forefront of health education. This was also the thematic emphasis of the 2007–2008 biennium of the United Nations Literacy Decade.

In particular, International Literacy Day 2008 had a strong emphasis on Literacy and Epidemics with a focus on communicable diseases such as HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria, some of the world’s forefront public health concerns.

 For 2009–2010 the main focus was on “Literacy and Empowerment” with special consideration to Gender Equality and the empowerment of women. The theme of the 2011–2012 celebrations is “Literacy and Peace”.

International Literacy Day Activities 2019

International Literacy Day Activities 2019
International Literacy Day Activities 2019

This day is an opportunity to express solidarity with the celebrations of the International Year of Indigenous Languages 2019 and the 25th anniversary of the World Conference on Special Needs Education, at which the Salamanca Statement on Inclusive Education was adopted.  

International Literacy Day 2019 will put emphases on ‘Literacy and Multilingualism’. Despite progress made, literacy challenges persist, distributed unevenly across countries and populations. Embracing linguistic diversity in education and literacy development is central to addressing these literacy challenges and to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

On the occasion of International Literacy Day 2019, the main characteristics of multilingualism in today’s globalized and digitalized world will be discussed, together with their implications for literacy in policies and practice in order to achieve greater inclusion in multilingual contexts.

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