International Day of Yoga

International Day of Yoga

International Day of Yoga is also known as The Yoga Day. This day is celebrated on June 21st every year since 2015.

Yoga practice
Yoga practice

History of International Day of Yoga

The General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) declared June 21st as the International Day of Yoga on 11th December 2014. It was Narendra Modi, prime Minister of India who in his address in the UN suggested the June 21st as the International Day of Yoga.

UN General Assembly passed a resolution 69/131 under the agenda of ‘Global Health and Foreign Policy’ and recognized the importance of yoga for the well being and the health of the world population.

The word Yoga is of Sanskrit language and it is derived from the word yuja, which means to concentrate, to bind or to hold. Yoga is a practice which aims to join the mind, spirit and body. It is an ancient Indian practice where a large number of people used to meditate to transform their body and mind.

Reasons to Choose June 21st as the Yoga Day

The reason to choose June 21st as the Yoga Day is also very significant. As there is winter solstice on 21st December every year because the northern hemisphere is inclined towards the sun, this condition is known as ‘Uttarayan’.

 And June 21st is the longest day or summer solstice  in the northern hemisphere, because at this time the north pole is farthest from the sun, the day which marks the beginning of ‘Dakshinayan’.

These two events in India are of much importance and yogis tell that during this time these two celestial events have a strong bearing on the earth and also on the human beings.

And as a result of these events there is a strong transforming potential.That’s why June 21st is celebrated as the International Day of Yoga.

Benefits and importance of Yoga

There are many benefits of yoga for all human beings if it is practice in the morning on daily basis.

Benefits of Yoga
Benefits of Yoga
  • It transforms both body and mind.
  • It improves our physical and mental health and enable us to lead to positive behavior and a peace of mind.
  • The regular practice of yoga connect the people with nature.
  • People also get used to with meditation by practicing yoga.
  • It helps to overcome from mental and physical illnesses or diseases.
  • It gives relief from stress and depression.
  • People who practice yoga in early morning every day lead a peaceful and healthy lifestyle. Their decision making power enhance a lot.

World Yoga Day Theme

The theme of International Day of Yoga 2019 is “Climate Action”.

There will be the 5th International Day of Yoga in 2019. It will be celebrated worldwide with yoga practices and yoga discussions with Gurus to enhance the importance to this ancient Indian practice and its benefits.

World Yoga Day Celebrations

Yoga was originated in India before 5,000 years ago, but now the World Yoga Day  is celebrated in more than 170 countries of the world. On the World Yoga Day people gather on a specific place early morning and practice yoga under the supervision of a Yogi.

Many activities related to yoga on this day are organized like yoga camps, meeting, debates, yoga practices and meditation.

Need to have Yoga practices for 3rd World Countries

As the World Yoga Day is observed very well in the developed countries and India. Now there is a need to promote this day in the developing countries as well so that these countries can be benefited from Yoga and meditation.

Because developing and third world countries are of having poor mental and physical health. Yoga can be the best practice to overcome these people from the illness.

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