International Biodiesel Day

International Biodiesel Day (IBD) is celebrated on August 10 each year. This day is celebrated to create awareness about the non-fossil fuels or Green Fuels. International Biodiesel Day also honors the research experiments by Sir Rudolf Diesel who ran an engine with peanut oil on August 10 1893.

His research experiment had predicted that vegetable oil will replace the fossil fuels in the coming century to fuel the engines.

What is Biodiesel?

Once the whole world was running on fossil fuels, but then anyone thought about the alternative. At that day biodiesel actually came in the form.

The Biodiesel is an alternative fuel which can be used instead of fossil fuels. It is manufactured from vegetable oils, recycled grease, algae, and animal fats. Its process of manufacturing is called transesterification, in which glycerin is separated from the animal fat or vegetable oil.

Biodiesel is also manufacture from sunflower seeds and the seeds of other plants
Biodiesel is also manufacture from sunflower seeds and the seeds of other plants

International Biodiesel Day celebrates the newest form of fuel that allows you to drive a car. It is environment friendly fuel.

History of Biodiesel

Biodiesel is made from old and used vegetables and animal fats. It is made by processing the oil with alcohol to produce a fuel.

Making biofuel is not a new concept, its process transesterification, was first done in 1853 by Patrick Duffy. The process of transesterification was done long before the first diesel engine was produced. At that time this newly developed biodiesel was not in use. It was used in 1893 in Augsburg, Germany, when first diesel model was produced and it run on peanut oil.

In South Africa the first use of transesterfied sunflower oil as a fuel was started in 1979.

Austria obtained this technology from South Africa and setup the first biodiesel plant.

Till 1990s a number of biodiesel plants producing biodiesel from sunflower oil were erected in many countries of Europe. Now in these days 100% biodiesel is available at many service stations across Europe.

Benefits of Biodiesel

Biodiesel is a renewable, biodegradable, sustainable, non-toxic and environment friendly fuel. It emits 60% less carbon dioxide (Co2) as compared to the fossil fuels.

It can be used in diesel engines of cars, trucks, boats, tractors, irrigation systems, mining equipment, and electrical generators etc.

It not only use in engines, but also in non-engine applications such as to remove paints. It’s by products like methylesters and glycerine also used in the preparation of soaps and other products. The energy produced by biodiesel is 90% of that of produced by petroleum diesel.

How to celebrate the International Biodiesel Day

The best way to celebrate the International Biodiesel Day is to explore the technology that is Biodiesel.

 It is easily available and is also environment friendly, because it produce less nitrogen (NO2) which cause cancer. Nitrogen oxides also pollute the air which also cause lung diseases.

So we must use it for the betterment of our environment and consequently, for our health. There are conversion kits to turn any car into a biodiesel fuel vehicle, so on this day we must take a step towards our healthy environment and as a result towards our healthy future.

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