Health and fitness during Ramadan

Have you tried or think it that how to stay fit during Ramadan! Ramadan is the holy month for Muslims as they keep fast in this month, which means they are not allowed to eat and drink after suhoor to sun set.

If we talk about the health and fitness during the month of Ramadan so it is the ideal time to stay healthy because the medical science have proven it that if you take two times meal in a day it will keep you more healthy as compared to the normal routine when we have three days meal daily.

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There are some points that I want to share which are important for our health during the month of Ramadan:

Take balanced died , especially fruits
Take balanced died , especially fruits
  • First thing that is more important than any thing is to eat balance diet during Ramadan. Some people like to eat oily snakes in iftar which is not good for your health as it is obvious that the physical activity slows down during fasting so if we will eat oily snakes like samosa, pikora and other roasted food in heavy amount during full month it will be difficult to burn the fats and you will get fats and other health issues due to the fats.
  • Avoid overeating as well. So it is recommended and advised by the doctors that we must take fruits and vegetables during this month because fruits and vegetables contain minerals and vitamins which are required to your body during fasting. So eat healthy and balanced diet to stay active and healthy during Ramadan.
  • Stay hydrated during Ramadan, drink plenty of water or other liquids like fresh juices, milkshakes and water. It is recommended to take 8-12 glass of water in a day. You can take this quantity of liquid during iftar and suhoor. Drinking 8-12 glass water in a day will keep you hydrated and fresh during the whole day because due to drinking such amount of liquid your body system will work in a proper way and you will feel good during the day.
  • The importance of drinking water can be estimated by this fact that up to 60% of adult body is water, so if will drink sufficient amount of water in a day our body will work in a proper way. you must not take carbonated drinks as these drinks are harmful for the kidneys and also cause the tooth to decay.
Have a walk daily
Have a walk daily
  • Exercising and walking are also beneficial during Ramadan, these will not harm you even if you continue your exercise and take walk during Ramadan, but the best time for exercising and taking walk is after the Taraveeh prayer at night because at this time food has been digested properly so it will be good for burning fats and stay fit.
  • High intensity exercise must be avoided. You can take light exercise and only 30 minutes walk. According to the medical point of view if you take walk daily for 30 minutes it will burn your fat and you stay smart and healthy.
Stay happy :)
Stay happy 🙂
  • One thing which is as much important as our physical health is our psychological health that we mostly don’t include it in the topic of health and fitness. Ramadan is a holy and spiritual month. Backbiting, abusing, anger and many other these types of negative sentiments are also prohibited during fasting.
  • So it is the best time to stay positive, spread happiness and generate positive vibes. By adopting a positive behavior we will stay more healthy, smart and happy. Staying connected with Allah Almighty in the form of prayers and recitation of Holy Quran will also enlightened you internally and you will not only fell fresh but also please Allah Almighty and the people in your society.

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