Happy Infinity Day

Happy Infinity Day

Happy Infinity Day to all of you, in fact infinity day is also called ‘Universal and International Infinity Day’. It is celebrated on 8th August every year to promote philosophy for everyone in the world.

I am wishing Happy Infinity Day to all of you because it is YOUR Day to celebrate philosophy, Art, Science and Life.

Why we celebrate Universal and International Infinity Day?

It is the day we celebrate to encourage everyone to think deeply, ponder deep philosophical questions like, what is it all about? Why are we here? What are the logical implications of a universe that is infinite?

logical implications of a universe that is infinite
logical implications of a universe that is infinite

This is a day which to United States represents everything that is the opposite of Ignorance, the opposite of irrational Hate and Fear, the opposite of Brutal Intolerance and Barbaric Violence.

Infinity Day is for Philosophers, Artists, Scientists, Spiritual and Scientific Lovers of Life, who seek to unravel the many mysteries of Life, of Existence before and beyond Life, of the Universe itself.

Why 8th August is chosen for Infinity Day?

Infinity day is held on the 8th day of the 8th month of each year in order to celebrate and promote Philosophy and Philosophizing for the ordinary person.

Why 8 is significant:

Symbol of Infinity
Symbol of Infinity
  • 8 displayed horizontally is the symbol of infinity
  • 8 planets are there in the Solar System
  • 8 is the atomic number of Oxygen.
  • 8 is the maximum number of electrons that can occupy a valence shell in atomic physics.
  • 8 is the number of legs a spider or octopus has.
  • 8 is 2 cubed.
  • 8 people were saved in the Flood at the time of Noah.
  • 8th day: Jesus was circumcised, as the brit milah is held for Jewish boys.
  • 8 follows 7 but stops before 9 making it the only non-zero perfect power that is one less than another perfect power.
  • 8 is the basis of the octal system, each digit representing 3 bits. A byte is 8 bits.

History of Infinity Day

Infinity Day was first created by Jean Pierre Ady Fenyo, a poet, journalist, philosopher and science- fiction author who as a sidewalk philosopher became known as The Original New York City Free Advice Man back in 1987. He has since become known as a celebrity there.

 Infinity day was started to be observed since 1987 and has been celebrated in the form of peaceful, non-violent and lawful demonstration for philosophical inquiry, freedom of expression, freedom of speech and ethics in society throughout the world.

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