How I celebrated my Eid Day

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How I celebrated my eid day is the topic, which I am going to share with you. Hope you all are enjoying your lives.

Today is eid day and I am celebrating my eid with my adorable family. I am sharing with you that how I celebrate my eid. As eid is the name of festivity so we all are having some Hala gulla on eid day. Today I am going to share my eid day with you. So are you ready???

On Chand Rat I put mehndi on my hands, as mehndi is the soul of this meethi eid or what we say is eid-al-fitr. I was very happy on Chand rat. When it was announced on media that tomorrow we are going to have eid in Pakistan, I was very happy and enthusiastic.

Mehndi on hands add more in eid
Mehndi on hands add more in eid

I prepared Sheer khurma for my family. As it is the dish which is considered very important on this meethi eid. Eid is incomplete without it. I also prepared the things like Chat. Which is again the main dish to serve for family and guests as well. My mum also instructed me about the preparation of these dishes.

On Eid day we enjoyed sweet and chilled sheer khurma. All male members had gone for Eid Prayers after that. I gave the final touch to the Chat. After the eid prayers all family get together, meet and greet each other.

I gave Edi to my younger family members. My mother also gave Edi to me. I felt great pleasure. After receiving edi whole family greet other family members in the form of watsapp messages.

And we also made call for greetings to our relatives who live abroad. After that I served the Chat to my family. It was quite tasty and spicy to eat. I listen some music and also watch TV shows related to eid.

At 12 noon our guests started to come. I went into kitchen again and started to prepare Biryani, Shami Kabab, Chicken Karahi, Raita and Salad for them as I had prepared some dishes earlier and freeze them.

So it was easy now to make other dishes. My mum and sister also helped me in kitchen. I set the table at 2 P.m. we all enjoyed delicious food, make fun and had a great time. Everyone was happy on this day.

Then I take some rest because the guests had gone now. After taking rest I and my family gone outside in a park to enjoy more. The park was full of people. We had chips and cold drinks there. Weather was also pleasant. As the cool breeze was flowing. Leaves of trees were rustling, frogs were producing a sound of Tar Tar in a nearby pool.

Children were taking swings and playing games. I also had a ride in a flying boat. It was quite amazing. Everyone was happy our there as well. At 9.Pm we returned back to home.

I was tired now. But I wanted to share my whole eid day with you, that’s why now I am writing this blog for you. Because you are also my family and I want to stay in touch with my family.

Message of Eid

Lastly, I want to send the message of eid over here. We enjoy the festivity of eid. Because we have everything in our lives to enjoy, but we must take care of that less privileged class, poor and needy people on this eid day who are not have such all things to enjoy on the eid day.

We not only help them financially but also morally. We must spend some time with orphans as well and ones who don’t have family. Or with that parents to whom their children have left them in old houses. We must take care of all of them because they are needy, deserving and alone.

We should to give them some pure time to celebrated eid with them and let them feel that they are special and important.

we must help poor and needy on eid
we must help poor and needy on eid

There are two more days of eid. Let’s promise to play your part to uplift this society by giving support to at least one needy or poor. Your sport will not only bring a positive change in the lives of others and society but also it will bring positive change in your life.

Lastly, I want to say thanks to all of you to give your precious time to read my story. May Allah enables us to fulfill our duty. Thank you

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