Diwali Story

diwali story

Diwali story is actually the story of prince Rama and his beautiful wife Sita.  The king wanted Rama to become king but one of the king’s wives said that her son will become king and Rama will have to be sent in forest for 14 years. King had to accept the demand of his wife, so he sent Rama and Site to a forest where they spend many years of their life. Lakshman the brother of Rama was also with them.

Rama and Sita, the main heroes of Diwali story
Rama and Sita, the main heroes of Diwali story

Now the Diwali story starts when one day a beautiful golden dear ran by Sita and Rama, Sita asked Rama to catch this beautiful dear for her, Rama chased the dear but he had gone very far while chasing the dear. Lakshman also followed Rama. It was actually a trick to get Rama away from Sita.

As now Sita was alone because both Rama and Lakshman had gone, an old holy man whose name was Ravana, came. He asked Sita to take rest and had some food and drink. Ravana had twenty arms and ten heads. He wanted to make Sita his wife, so he took her to his island which was very far from that forest.

Ravana, a demon king, who kidnapped Sita
Ravana, a demon king, who kidnapped Sita

When Rama returned back to the forest, he was very upset to find that Sita was not there. He planned to find Sita.

Sita was very clever, when Ravana kidnapped her, she left a trail of her jewelry for Rama to follow her. Rama started to follow that jewelry and he met a monkey whose name was Hanuman, who was a king. Hanuman promised to help Rama for searching Sita. He sent the message to all the monkeys to search Sita. After some days Hanuman was told that Sita is in imprisoned on a remote island, so they started to make a fight with Ravana for rescuing Sita.

Statue Temple of Hanuman, who helped Rama to release Sita from Ravana
Statue Temple of Hanuman, who helped Rama to release Sita from Ravana

When Ravana was told about the approaching army of monkeys under the leadership of Hanuman and Rama, he sent an army to fight with the army of Rama and Hanuman.

War between the two armies lasted for very long time, until only Hanuman was left. Then he found some herbs to bring them all back towards life. Then Rama killed Ravana with a magical spear. And Sita and Rama were together again.

Now 14 years had passed and it was the time for both Rama and Sita to come back to their kingdom in Ayodhya  . The villagers were waiting for both of them. A woman of their village lit a lamp in her window for them, so other people of their village also lit the lamps in their windows to light the way of Rama and Sita. All kingdom was glowing because of lightning lambs. So Rama and Sita came back to home. Feasts were arranged and sweets were distributed in the honor of Ram and Sita.  Everyone was happy because of their return. Rama was crowned as prince and Sita was his queen. Everyone in their kingdom was happy.

And this was the true Diwali story and from that time, Hindus all over the world light lamps, burst firecrackers and arrange feasts which add more sweetness in Diwali. This festival spreads the message that light triumphs over dark and good triumphs over evil.

Hindus all over the world celebrate Diwali with zeal and devotion and decorate lights on their houses, temples, shops and streets. They also clean and decorate their houses to attract good luck and prosperity. Diwali is a five-day festival

  • The first day is known as Dhanteras 
  • The second day is called  Narak Chaturdasi
  • Lakshmi Puja is the third day of Diwali and it is actually the main day on which Diwali is celebrated.
  • Govardhan Puja is the fourth day of Diwali
  • Bhai Dooj is the final or last day of Diwali.

Lightning candles or diyas also spreads the light of positivity in the darkness of negativity. Let’s celebrate Diwali in its true essence and let’s the negative thoughts along with the smoke of fire crackers and let’s the light of candles to illuminate our inner selves.

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